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  HWAKAI CERAMICS - Delivering Value to UFG Applications

 High performance grinding media for fine - and ultra-fine grinding applications


HWAKAI TECHNOLOGY is located in Yixing city, China, where there is a long history of ceramics industry for more than 4000years.  The company was started since 2000, it endeavors to develop and produce high quality ceramic grinding beads (0.40 – 13.0 mm) as good media for ultra-fine milling. Through more than 15 years efforts, the company has assembled a strong R&D and production team, equipped with the latest technology, to produce industry beating ceramic media for a range of grinding applications. 

Unlike much of the rest of the industry, HWAKAI’s guiding principle is not to just produce beads that are roughly compatible with the main competition, but to formulate chemical compositions that provide tangible benefits to the end-user in terms of lower energy consumption, reduced bead and mill lining wear. 

The reduced wear of HWAKAI’s  series of beads is achieved through a combination of chemical composition, manufacturing methods, and a smoother surface, brought on by a smaller crystal size. For example HWAKAI HJ370 ZTA beads exhibit only ca. 25% of the wear in normal use compared to some of the main competition. Products are continuously improved and co-development with large clients can be accommodated. 

HWAKAI's production is used by many industries, the principal ones being the mining industry (precious metals), as well as the ground calcium carbonate and kaolin industries. HWAKAI also manufactures beads to other providers, who in turn market their production as their own.